Giebielok® N95 EN149/CE approved mask (set of 5)


☑️ N95 EN149/CE approved

☑️ Layered design, 95% higher filter efficiency

☑️ Adjust to fit your face securely and comfortably

☑️ Ultrasonic welding technology, glue-free and odorless

☑️ Premium Medical-Grade Quality

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Safeguard Your Family From Deadly Viruses, Pollution, and Bacteria

Cough and air spread viruses are on the rise. With the pollution levels rising at a drastic rate and the air quality hitting an all-time low, it's up to every individual to opt for anti-pollution measures to breathe cleaner air.

Lightweight And Comfortable to Wear

The Giebielok® Face Mask is made for excellent protection, superior breathing-ability, and extra comfort.

Adjust to Your Comfort

Face Mask ensures a 360-degree seal and avoids lens fogging. 


N95 filter material 
*Replace your face mask after 8 hours of usage or every week using 1 hour per day.

Shipping & Delivery

Due to the Coronavἰrus outbreak and high demand, product availability is extremely limited. 


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